Resume terms to avoid

Job hunting is no easy process. The lack of employment not only has an impact on your bank account but your confidence and self-esteem.

The best thing your resume can do is stand out and make an impression. If you want to know whether your resume is good or not, use this resume checker to get it reviewed within 5 minutes. People are still worried to show their personality in a resume. They believe that this type of information is supposed to be written in a cover letter, but do employers even read cover letters anymore?

Think about how many resumes those job recruiters are going to be reading. Company Culturethe personality of a company, is being taken more and more seriously as a way to brand a company and keep employees happy.

7 Important Resume Words That You Should Include and Avoid

For employers, one of the ways to create a good company culture is to hire people that are similar or have similar interests. Enhancv is one of the only resume builders that offer a wide variety of human-centric sections. Try to start there, it got Sam a job in Spotify. When writing your resume, are you being specific or do you start taking a detour and going off in the wrong direction? In other words, are you keeping your content relevant and is everything connected to what they are looking for?

And for your resume to connect, it needs to be consistent by maintaining a good flow. To check everything flows well, read your resume out loud. You will notice where some parts might sound off. Here are a few examples of words you should avoid:. For example, which of the following sounds more authentic:.

From the examples, the second one sounds better. The list of mistakes is continuing to increase every day. At least use a content analyzer that helps you focus on being straight to the point and showing the value you need to be showing without being ambiguous. Did you really spend 6 months as an intern in that company?

Are you sure you speak 6 languages? Did you increase that Twitter account by 6, followers in just a month?You only have a short time to make an impression with your resume. Instead, choose action-oriented phrases that show rather than tell why you should be considered. Resume Format 1. Name and contact information 2. Summary or objective 3.

Professional history a.

resume terms to avoid

Company name b. Dates of tenure c. Description of role and achievement 4. Education 5. Skills 6. Choosing overused business jargon can weaken your resume. Here are some more examples of business lingo to leave off your resume:.

Though your resume is a space to showcase your skills and abilities, broad terms and phrases to explain your value can be ineffective. Here are a few additional examples of phrases hiring managers expect without needing to see them on your resume:. Examples of your past work give employers clear evidence of how you are different from other applicants. They are looking for examples of times you delivered value, and whenever possible, with numbers to support them.

Your first touchpoint with hiring managers is the resume. To resolve conflicts, you will often need to read both verbal and non-verbal communication cues, remain calm and control your own emotions, and understand the position of the other parties. If you are applying to a government position, use this guide to craft a clear and comprehensive federal resume. Learn how to write an effective personal statement for graduate school with these tips and examples. Skip to main content Indeed Home.

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Find jobs. Company Reviews. Find salaries. Change country. Help Center.Studies have found that the average recruiter scans a resume for less than 10 seconds before deciding if the candidate is a good fit for an open position. When you have so little time to impress a recruiter, every word on your resume counts.

That's why it's important to carefully choose which terms belong on your resume and which are better left out. Below are some tips to help you get your application noticed by including the right words on your resume and removing the ones that are proven to bore and repel recruiters.

Before you decide to update your professional resumeconsider your current goals. The best resumes are written with a specific job in mind. Gather a few job posts that describe the type of position you want to land and take a good look at how each organization describes the role, its responsibilities, and its primary requirements.

Make a note of any key phrases, terms, or technical skills that are repeated throughout all of the job listings. If you possess these skills or qualities, incorporate this language into your resume. This will ensure that your job applications make it past the applicant tracking system's ATS initial screen and into the employer's hands for further assessment. If you want to impress an employer, get rid of the filler words that crowd your resume and focus on demonstrating your qualifications.

In other words, aim to show, rather than tell, employers about your skills by illustrating them with relevant accomplishments and major contributions. While it can be difficult to keep your resume's professional summary completely fluff-free, do your best to avoid using these overused buzzwords wherever possible.

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Are you tired of writing that you were "Responsible for," "Managed," or "Assisted with" some project on your resume? Well, recruiters are tired of reading those things too.

These verbs are okay if you intend to use them occasionally to describe a job responsibility on your resume, but the moment you find yourself repeating these common words and phrases — stop. It's time to get a little creative.

resume terms to avoid

Swap out these terms for strong action verbs that paint a more colorful picture of your career story. Well, action verbs are just what they sound like — words that express action. When chosen carefully, they can be a powerful way to describe your capabilities and accomplishments. However, not all action verbs are created equal, and frankly, some resume action verbs have been overused to the point of exhaustion.

This can be especially challenging if you've held several roles in the past with similar job responsibilities. If you find yourself describing your work experience with the same boring words over and over again, try switching them out for strong, compelling action verbs that will catch employers' eyes. Click on the following link to access Harvard Law School's list of resume action verbs for more ways to improve your resume's content.

The final step in updating your professional resume is to get rid of any information that is considered outdated, extraneous, or distracting by hiring managers and recruiters. Below is a list of common items professionals tend to include on their resume that have no business being there.

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A resume objective statement.But are you confused about what to include and which words to avoid? Word selection and the correct choice are very important when you have to include them in your resume. This is done not just to clear that screening round but also to impress the recruiter at first sight. When the best and correct words are used in your resume, the screening authorities understand at which level the candidates are at in their career.

To help you land on the perfect job profile, we have gathered and compiled this article. Here you will get to know and understand why you actually need these words in your resume, what are the self-descriptive words for your resume, which words to include and which ones to avoid, and few tips.

Resume Words to Include and Avoid

Knowing what to include and which words to include in the resume are of utmost importance. The words used correctly will differentiate you and the other candidates and help you to get that job.

A recruiter who has just 6 seconds to review a resume, straight away refuses such a resume and does not pass them for further procedures. Meanwhile, a candidate who uses good resume words that shows proper action performed, his resume is more informative and interesting to recruiters. So, using resume words will make your resume stronger and it will be most likely be noticed by the recruiters.

The use of this action word especially in your work experience section will be much more helpful. This word gives emphasis on the fact that you worked for the company with a positive mindset and achieved what was assigned to you.

Such a word shows your ability to lead the team. Always back your sentences with some numerical figures. Every employee needs some sort of evidence. So include this word with some number stating how your work increased or decreased with a certain amount. This will also show how you helped your previous company to save money, time, and effort.

Adding value to the previous company will give a positive impact on the recruiter. Include this word to show how you made money for the company. This word will show the recruiter that you were doing well and were successful in the previous job and had successfully achieved your target. If ever won any award, do mention it too. There are words that act as a helping agent for your resume.The problem is language: Most resumes are a thicket of deadwood words and phrases—empty cliches, annoying jargon and recycled buzzwords.

Recruiters, HR folks and hiring managers see these terms over and over again, and it makes them sad. Yes, they know. If your salary is not negotiable, that would be somewhat unusual.

resume terms to avoid

Reading this term, the recruiter can almost picture the C-average, uninspired employee mechanically fulfilling his job requirements—no more, no less. Again, experience is something that happens to you—not something you achieve. Describe your background in terms of achievements. You know who else has problem-solving skills? On your resume, stick to skills that require a human.

So, you pay attention to details. Well, so does everyone else. Plus, putting this on your resume will make that accidental typo in your cover letter or resume all the more comical. This is where that might apply. Anyone can call himself a hard worker. See the preceding comment about showing instead of telling. If you have relevant success stories about collaborationput them on your resume. Talk about the kinds of teams you worked on, and how you succeeded.

A resume objective is usually better replaced by a career summary describing your background, achievements and what you have to offer an employer. Sure, some of these words won't destroy your chances of getting an interview, but they won't go out of their way to make you look like a rock star candidate, either.

Need some help getting your resume in top shape?This site uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. To learn more visit our Privacy Policy. The right resume power words can make you stand out from the crowd like Wonder Woman in a neon A-Line skirt. Most lists of resume words are kind of like a junk drawer.

Want to save time and have your resume ready in 5 minutes? Try our resume builder.

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Sample resume made with our builder— See more templates and create your resume here. But then you see a turkey-bacon panini with thin-sliced avocado and a side of homemade curly fries. Use it to improve your writing, and to help the employer understand why you should be the chosen one. So—here are 10 individual lists. After that are lists of resume buzzwords, resume adjectives, and how to find the best keywords for your resume. Want buzzwords, adjectives, or resume keywords to give your job search a fighting chance?

Click any of the resume words lists below, or just scroll down. Pro Tip: Picking power verbs for resume writing?

resume terms to avoid

Change it up. Use each one only once if you can help it. Use powerful words and action verbs on your LinkedIn profile too. Want yours to really sing? Resume action wordsalso called resume power words, are words you should use in your resume to describe your professional skills, tasks, and achievements at work in a short and powerful way.

10 words and terms that ruin a resume

Typically, they are action verbs but adjectives and some buzzwords are also considered good words for resumes. Rather than describe your job, resume action verbs paint a vivid picture of your expertise and professional wins.

Second, they guide you toward job-winning specifics.Advice Job Search. Many of us can summon over-used resume buzzwords in our sleep. Here at Career Contessa, we are huge proponents of infusing creativity wherever we can—especially in stiff hiring documents like the cover letter or resume. For that reason, we created this looooong list of alternatives for buzzwords commonly found in resumes, cover lettersand LinkedIn profiles.

According to a study by LinkedInhere are the top ten most-used buzzwords:. Chances are, if you scour your own LinkedIn profile or resume right now, you will come across some of these guys—maybe even all of them. Is that bad? Not necessarily. So, we took to our trusty thesaurus to find you some great alternatives to these commonly-used buzzwords. Here are a few alternatives. If you want to say experienced, say experienced! However, if you want to zhuzh it up or say that you are experienced in a multitude of things, use a few variations.

Showcase your impressive skills using some of these alternative terms. Passion in the workplace is very attractive to a hiring manager. Use your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile to demonstrate how your passion has affected and propelled your work throughout your entire career. Here are some synonyms to expert—as well as a few terms to further illustrate your particular expertise.

Pro Tip: Proceed with caution with a few of these. Everybody loves a motivated employee, so feature this on your resume and cover letter. If your motivation has proven to be contagious to other employees, highlight that too! Creative employees are arguably the best employees. Rather, real creative employees are great at problem-solving, building effective solutions, and implementing uncharted paths to success.

Strategy is huge in the workplace. Whether your working in a fast-paced startup or an organization with stone-age era practices, strategies always need to be improved, tested, and proven. Focus is the key to getting long, arduous projects completely with painstaking precision. Look at all of those buzzwords we just used.

Focus is important, so here are a few other words to describe your dedication to the task. You Might Also Like.

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